Career-based learning experiences

Dear Inspire Southeast Wisconsin employer partner:

As the GROW HERE Campaign comes to a close, Inspire Southeastern Wisconsin and the Milwaukee 7 partners want to thank you for being an employer champion of career readiness. With your support we’ve been able to build awareness of the high-potential industries and career opportunities that students have access to, right here in Southeast Wisconsin.

On July 29th, the state’s career exploration platform, Career Cruising/Inspire was taken offline to prepare for an update and Fall 2019 relaunch under a new name, Xello. Xello’s developers are working to build the engagement features you were familiar with through Inspire into the new Xello platform, promising to offer a better, more interactive experience for everyone– students, educators, and employers. School districts in Wisconsin that have piloted Xello report higher levels of engagement and utilization of the tool for career planning.

Two of the GROW HERE Campaign’s key findings were that schools and employers are looking for long-term partnerships and need more support to build out high-impact career experiences. In 2019-20, we’ll be asking employers to take the “next step” and partner more strategically with education to deliver our vision of all students graduating with a realistic career plan, aligned to industry needs in Southeast Wisconsin, providing employers the talent you need to grow.

If you have an existing Inspire profile, it will not automatically convert over to the new Xello platform. You can expect to receive updated communications in October regarding the opportunity to relaunch your profile on the Xello platform and engage in career experiences with students in Southeast Wisconsin. Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to building on our successes over the last 3 years and continuing to grow.