Career Coaches

A Career Coach is a person from the community who is volunteering to provide general career guidance in career areas where they have expertise. By spending less than an hour per week, you can share your experience and advice by answering company and career-related questions from students through system-wide message boards.
Other benefits include:
  • Give back to your community by helping local youth reach their full career potential
  • Enhance your own professional development through interaction with diverse populations and development of critical skills
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs
  • Expand your own professional network as you interact with other like-minded professionals during community partner meetings
How does it work?
Career Coaches will be notified nightly by email when a student has posted a new question on discussion boards in which they are participating. To access the discussion boards, a career coach can either click the links in the notification email or by logging into their account.

FAQs for Career Coaches

Why do I have to pass a background check?
All coaches who wish to communicate with students must pass a background check. Review our background check process.