Help your students build their career plans.

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and college/career planning software program that helps people of all ages explore and plan for school, career and life. Through an account provided by the school, students can use it to:
  • Take career-related assessments
  • Explore online career and college profiles
  • Get information about financial aid and employment.

In Wisconsin, school districts must provide an electronic exploration and portfolio tool for academic career planning (ACP) delivery.

Using a student’s ACP Career Cruising/Xello account, they can access INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin – a web-based tool. INSPIRE provides a customized information-sharing and resource-gathering environment where students can connect directly to regional employers to:
  • Learn about companies that offer jobs and careers in their area of interest
  • Participate in career discussions with an online career coach from that company
  • Further interact with that company by participating in other career learning experiences, such as job-shadowing, internships, company tours, and summer employment

Connect students with employers and career-based learning experiences (CBLEs) through INSPIRE allows educators to:

  • Engage students in thinking about their careers
  • Find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom
  • Increase students’ career readiness.

INSPIRE Education Partners can be educational institutions or community organizations who serve youth ages 11-24 by providing career-based learning experiences (CBLEs) with local employers.

How can educators participate?
In order to add Inspire, your school must meet the following requirements:

  • Have support from district and building level administrators
  • Currently hold a Career Cruising license for your school or district
  • Agree to invite your current business partners to utilize Inspire Southeast Wisconsin as the way to engage with and provide career-based learning experiences for your students. Eventually migrate all CBLE activity to Inspire.
  • Appoint a Lead Contact and at least one Inspire Coordinator for each school/building.
  • Assemble a planning team to create, support and monitor an Implementation Plan that aligns with ACP and CTE for your district – allow for adequate staff time and training for a successful implementation.
  • Willing and able to share metrics on career-based learning experiences for your district/school.

If you or your school are interested in participating in Inspire and meet the above requirements, please fill out our intake form and contact us or reference our Educator FAQs for more information. For further details, view our Innovation Configuration Map to see components that must be at a pilot level before turning on Inspire. intake

What Support is available?

The Milwaukee 7 Regional Talent Partnership provides:

  • INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin orientation meeting
  • Speakers who will conduct an INSPIRE demonstration at meetings with your business partners
  • Web-based training: Train the Trainer and Coordinator Training
  • Basic online technical assistance
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the student portal

In addition, CESA #1 offers fee-based services that will support a successful implementation of Inspire in your district. A customized package can be tailored to the specific needs of your district.

Please refer to our GH Educator Onboarding Process for additional support.