FAQs for Educators

What is the process to add Inspire onto our Career Cruising account?

All pilot level components must be meet on our Innovation Configuration Map before turning on Inspire. If your school is interested in participating in Inspire and meet the above requirements, please fill out our intake form and refer to our GH Educator Onboarding Process for additional support or contact Susan KoehnintakeVisit our Educators Tab to learn more about helping your students build their career plans by becoming a GROW.HERE. partner.

What support is available beyond the Orientation meeting?

Contact Karin Smith through CESA #1, who provides ongoing support and professional development to help districts launch Inspire.

View CESA #1’s College and Career Ready Network Flyer and Professional Development Offerings document for more information.

How can I get more training on CareerCruising.com?

To sign up for general training on CareerCruising.com, go to http://public.careercruising.com/ca/en/training/webinars/ and register for a webinar that you are interested in.

To get your specific Career Cruising questions answered go to their help page at http://help.careercruising.com/.


How do I get started with Inspire SE WI in my classroom?

Before starting Inspire lessons review the Best-Practice-Tips for using Inspire. Once familiar with Inspire use any of our Inspire Classroom Activities to get your students started.

How do I view what students are posting on discussion boards?

Login to your careercruising.com/school account and go to the Portfolio Reports section and go to the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin Section at the bottom of the page. There is a report called Message Board Posts by Student that will list all the posts for each student.  Note: You can filter the report by clicking the Custom button under the Customize This Report section of the page.

How do I know if there are any flagged/inappropriate discussion board posts?

If a student’s post is flagged as inappropriate you should get an automatic email from messages@careercruising.com asking you to log in and view the flag. Otherwise you can always check by logging in to your www.careercruising.com/school account and going to the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin section and going to the Flagged Message Board Posts Sub-section (2nd from the bottom of the list).

How do I manage Career-based Learning Experience requests?

Please refer to our Quick Start Guide document for general information or view our CBLE Request Tutorial.

I keep getting an email saying I have a Career-Based Learning Experience Request – Now what?

Login to your careercruising.com/school account and go to the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin section and go to the “Manage CBLE Requests Sub-section” (4th from the top of the list). You will then be shown a list of requests – any requests with the red exclamation mark (!) requires your attention.

Additional support? View our Educator Training Webinar!

Please refer to our Educator Training Webinar (MP4 file) for additional support on topics like:

  • Adding Inspire related completion standards
  • Inspire features in “My Plan” (student’s ACP)
  • How to access Inspire features directly from career profiles in Career Cruising
  • How to post discussion board posts
  • How to search for and view company profiles
  • How to make career-based learning requests
  • How to find industry information
  • Using the Educator’s (CAMS) portal for Inspire features
  • Assigning advisors who can approve/decline career-based learning experience requests


    None of these FAQs answered my questions!

    Visit our Educator Resources page or contact Susan Koehn.