FAQs for Employers

Looking for help? This page highlights:

  • Getting started with INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin
  • Overall account access and updates
  • Visibility
  • Offering career-based learning experiences (CBLEs)
  • Discussion board

Getting started

How do I register my company?
You can register your company by filling out our registration form. If you have questions, contact inspire@mke7.com.

What is a Career Coach?
A Career Coach is a person from the community who is volunteering to provide general career guidance in career areas where they have expertise.

Do I have to be a career coach to register my company?
No, you can sign up as just a company. However, we encourage companies to involve their staff as the more opportunities students have to interact with professionals, whether online or in person, the more impactful and memorable the experience. Learn more about being a Career Coach.

How do I invite my staff to become career coaches for our profile?
You can invite coaches by sending them directly to our Career Coach registration 
and by customizing/sharing our Company Coach Recruitment Flyer
What should I expect once I’m registered?
7-10 business days after you register you will receive a confirmation email with important information about your account. Please take a moment to read through it and log into the system to become familiar with your profile. Throughout the school year you will receive sporadic communication from messages@careercruising.com asking you to respond to students inquires and reminder/update emails from inspire@mke7.com.

Overall account access/updates

View our Manage my account document for a brief overview or follow the tutorials below.

How do I update my personal profile?

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the “Update My Profile” button
  3. Go to the “Login Information” section. In this section, you can update/change your:
    • Contact information
    • Background check information
    • Password
    • Career Coaches can change their participation in career discussion boards
    • Career history bio

Please refer to our partner portal tutorial for additional support.

How do I update my company’s profile?

If you have access to update your company’s profile, your account will display the Company Profile Options section. Simply click on the sections and fill in the required fields for that section.

Please refer to our company profile tutorial for additional support.


How do I develop future talent and increase visibility for my company?
View our Leveraging Inspire tool guide to capitalize on all Inspire has to offer!


Career-based Learning Experiences (CBLE)

How do I participate in Career-based Learning Experiences (CBLEs)?
You can elect to participate CBLEs by clicking on the “CBLEs” section on the left-hand side of your account.

You can enable student and teacher messaging capabilities on your account by contacting the Inspire Technical Coordinator at inspire@mke7.com.

How do I manage Career-based Learning Experience requests?
Career-based Learning Experiences (CBLEs) allow you to provide in-school/out-of-school experiences for students and career seekers looking to get a better understanding of your company and the careers you offer. Examples of CBLEs include company tours, guest speakers, job shadows, co-op placements, summer/part-time jobs and career fairs. See what CBLEs you can participate by viewing our CBLE_menu

  1. Potential CBLEs – If your company has no formal career-based learning experiences but want to participate, simply select the career-based learning experiences that best fits your commitment level.
  2. Existing CBLEs – If your company already has a career-based learning experiences that you want highlighted for students, enter in all the details regarding this activity. Fill in the fields that are applicable.

You will be notified by email when you have received a CBLE request. It will feature a link to more information. If you have accepted a request, please call the designated career-based learning experiences coordinator shown in the contact information section of the request.

Please refer to our career-based learning experience request tutorial for more information.

Discussion Board

To view the overall discussion board guidelines and rules of conduct, log into your account and access the “Career Coach Tools” section. Please remember to keep all communications within the INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin tool. Do not share your personal phone number or email.

I keep receiving an email from messages@careercruising.com saying I have a student question waiting – How do I respond to the question?
As a rule, please respond to students’ questions within 2 days of receiving the email notification. Go to careercruising.com/partner and log in.

The questions in bold on your homepage are questions that still need to be answered. Provide the user a direct answer and if needed, reference a website link for more information.

Do not include your phone number or email address as this goes against the discussion board guidelines found in the “Career Coach Tools” section.

Additional support can be found on the answering discussion board posts tutorial.


None of these FAQs answered my questions!

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