GROW HERE Campaign

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GROW HERE brings industry and education together to help students discover careers. GROW HERE is designed to dramatically increase career-based learning in the Milwaukee Region and drive young people to careers in high-potential growth industries.

Career-based learning experiences help young people connect what they are learning in academic settings to the real world and practice navigating today’s workplace expectations. Career-based learning is also a low-risk way for young people and companies to “test drive” a potential employment match, and in many cases can lead to direct employment.

grow-here-infographic-webUsing the Inspire web platform, GROW HERE companies, students K-16 and their influencers form partnerships for career-based learning. Inspire provides a central hub where area students and educators can actively interact with local employers and career coaches.

Employers post company profiles that students can browse and learn about career opportunities and jobs in their areas of interest. Employers can also offer career-based learning experiences to increase student engagement, such as internships, job shadowing, tours or career mentoring. More than 40,000 students in Southeast Wisconsin currently have access to Inspire and the number continues to grow!

Experiences Count. Career-based experiences offered by businesses across a learning continuum help attract, develop and retain young people ages 11-24 in area middle and high schools, technical colleges and universities. Career-based learning doesn’t end when someone graduates or is hired. GROW HERE’s career-based learning continuum continues into the workplace, including onboarding, mentoring and on-the-job skills development.

cble-graph-webThe GROW HERE Campaign is open to any company in any industry or sector that is registered on the M7 Talent Partnership’s Inspire web platform and willing to partner with schools/training programs to provide career-based learning experiences for young people ages 11-24. GROW HERE partners are a research cohort, sharing best practices and measuring the impact that high-quality, career-based learning experiences have on talent metrics and employment. The campaign will measure the impact of at least 200 companies agreeing to track and share GROW HERE talent pipeline metrics.

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