INSPIRE online platform

The INSPIRE online platform provides a central hub where students and educators can interact with local employers and career coaches. Managed by the M7 Regional Talent Partnership (RTP), this easy to use online tool allows employers to create company profiles to:

  • Register a company profile to highlight opportunities and areas of need
  • Answer company and career-related questions through message boards
  • Offer career-based learning experiences
  • Send direct messages to targeted student and teachers

Through their online profile, employees within companies volunteer to answer company and career-related questions through message boards. Students and educators learn about opportunities such as tours, job shadows, summer employment, internships and apprenticeships.

Employer benefits include:

  • Getting in front of young people and their influencers earlier
  • Offering a low-risk way for companies and young people to “test drive” a potential employment match
  • Access to a pool of skilled and motivated potential employees
  • Facilitating work-readiness that can reduce training/recruiting costs of new employees
  • Generating positive publicity for careers in industries like manufacturing, engineering and technology
  • Promote careers that are available in Southeast Wisconsin and help students realize the opportunities in their own community
  • Expand your recruiting pool for summer job/intern programs and entry-level positions
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real-world work needs
  • Partnerships with local school districts, tech colleges and universities that provide a pipeline of future talent

Join INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin and start growing your talent pipeline today!

Inspire levels the playing field for students in schools without robust community/business partnerships and provides an instant, easy starting point for educators seeking those key relationships.

Experiences Count
Career-based experiences offered by businesses help attract, develop and retain young people ages 11-24 in area middle and high schools, technical colleges and universities. It doesn’t end when someone graduates or is hired but continues into the workplace to include onboarding, mentoring and on-the-job skills development.

Are you an employer that:

  • Has a location in Southeast Wisconsin
  • Understands the need for a long-term and proactive approach to talent attraction, development, and retention
  • Current provides (or is interested in providing) career-based learning experiences for 11 to 24 year-olds.
  • Will use the online Inspire Southeast Wisconsin tool to connect with students through career discussion boards, company profiles and career-based learning experiences.


Creating your INSPIRE profile is the first step in joining the M7 Regional Talent Partnership’s GROW HERE Campaign. Its partners are a research cohort, sharing best practices and measuring the impact that high-quality, career-based learning experiences have on talent metrics and employment.

Below are  common company goals broken down by talent development and community engagement categories to help you develop your talent strategy.