Enroll your Company

Registration on INSPIRE Southeast Wisconsin is easy and participation is tailored to your level of involvement and schedule.

1. Collect your information

Have on hand a description of your company, your website address and job sites, a description of the quality and skills you look for in potential employees and list of jobs you hire for.

2. Set up a company profile

You can set up and maintain a profile to describe your business, highlight your unique attributes, and communicate your areas of need to future employees as well as parents and educators.

Customize it with your logo, photos, up to six videos and more. List ALL the jobs that exist at your company – the more titles you have, the more likely it is students will find your business. Be sure your profile is student friendly. Most students using INSPIRE are from grades 6-12.

3. Offer career-based learning experiences

Engage directly with students and schools through more than 20 different career-based learning activities such as company tours, classroom presentations, internships, job shadows and apprenticeships. The more CBLEs you offer, the more exposure students will have to your company and industry.

4. Become a Career Coach

Encourage employees to sign up to become Career Coaches by having them learn the benefits. They can raise company and industry awareness as they answer student’s questions on your company discussion board.

5. Login and start communicating

In 7-10 days you’ll receive a confirmation email with your log in information.* Log in to the “Partner Portal” to confirm your profile is accurate. You can make any changes or add any additional information — including company videos or logos — in the Partner Portal.

* If your company is located in Washington County, your registration will be routed for follow-up to the local program lead, the United Way of Washington County.

Enroll your company

Join now as a Career Coach!
If your company already has a profile, or you’d like to register independently (apart from a company) as a career coach.
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